MAUVAIS was conceived with a single goal in mind: to create the perfect pair of cropped trousers with a high-end look and feel, at a high-street price tag so everyone can enjoy luxury. Our aim wasn’t just to get it right: it had to be impeccable. The perfectionist approach paid off: launching in 2018, our signature Check Cropped Trousers were an instant hit, and we haven’t stopped innovating since.


Behind the effortless style of MAUVAIS collections are years of painstaking care, research and experimentation. Drawing inspiration from the catwalks of Paris, Scandinavian minimalism, and Italian tailoring and styling heritage, and using the highest quality fabrics, we have managed to create seamlessly crafted trousers in a perfect tapered fit that stand the test of time — or, in our customers’ words, we ‘have nailed the best-fit trouser like no-one on the high street.’


Never ones to stand still, we are constantly growing the collection, applying the same quality and design principles to a whole range of classy streetwear that carries you effortlessly from day to night.